Looking After Your Home (and Yourself) During the Winter Months

In the cold months between September and March we see a large increase in customers wishing to protect their homes from the cold weather. People tend to find weaknesses with their old windows and doors during these seasons; whether they be cold draughts, condensation, or faulty locking systems.

Everyone will begin to feel the cold seasons as the nights begin to get longer and the rains and winds begin to pick up. Fortunately there are lots of little things you can do to ensure that you, and your home are prepared. Here we have compiled some of our favourite advice to help you out…

– Get your central heating system and boiler checked.

– Sweep and clear all gutters, drains and chimneys (also check for broken roof tiles).

– Check loft pipes are properly insulated and ventilated. Remember to ensure some heat is flowing around these pipes to prevent freezing.

– Make good use of lights, preferably on a timer, to deter any potential burglars.

– Check fencing, gates and locks to ensure all are secure.

– Wear an extra layer of clothing (several thin layers are better than one thick one!)

– Draw your curtains as soon as it gets dark to stop heat escaping.

– Keep internal doors closed, keep the heat where you need it.

– Eat well! Warm food with lots of carbohydrates should do the trick.

In regards to Home Improvements there are 3 main factors to bear in mind when purchasing products to protect your home in the winter; the Energy Efficiency of the product, its Insulation Properties, and how it will aid with Securing your home…

Energy EfficiencyAFTER (1)
The Window Centre installs A rated energy efficient double glazing as standard. This year we updated our glazing system further – combining it with new Super Spacer® technology – greatly improving energy performance, durability and reducing condensation.

We have also introduced A+ rated triple glazing to the borough; ideal for those homes demanding the most energy efficient and insulated environments, as well as for properties on busy roads, under flight paths, and those simply trying to lower their energy bills further.

Every opening window we install features a guaranteed 10-point high-security locking system to keep unwelcome intruders out, whilst our beautiful composite front doors are all aluminium-reinforced and secured with multi-point locks and hooks.

At The Window Centre we take special care in purchasing and installing products that meet the highest specifications in these key areas.

Anyway; here’s to a successful and happy 2015 to everyone!


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